Hello and welcome!

“sometimes Jane” is Deirdre Harris. I am an architect, and have been practicing design in many forms over the last 20 years: landscapes, buildings, graphics, and objects. After spending the last decade trying to express intention through a computer, I recently rediscovered the pleasure of feeling and making things with my own two hands.

I have received inspiration from many women in my family, and am proud to be carrying on the tradition of craft. Probably the largest inspiration has been my mother, who grew up in the deeply rooted culture of textile-making in Finland. It was her own 1960’s sketchbooks that led me to begin screen printing.

My medium is linen and ink. I use water-based inks for my health and that of the environment, and I work with 100% linen for so many reasons: its rich history, my own memories of growing up with it, its honest texture, and because it ages so beautifully and gracefully. My products are not just designed to have utility but are detailed and made to last, so that you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

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